Health and Safety Act

(working conditions legislation- in Dutch: Arbowet)

A question we often get from organisations: what are we required to do by Dutch law to ensure a safe and healthy work place?

Instead of general regulations imposed from above, the Dutch act makes provisions for tailor-made rules. Employers and employees can consult with each other before laying down agreements to ensure a safer, healthier and more pleasant workplace. The Labour Inspectorate will trust in compliance to these agreements, but will take firmer action if the rules are abused.

That leaves a big grey area In which we provide advice for your organisation.

In a practical workshop we teach about:

  • Dutch Working Conditions Legislation, the rules and execution
  • How to use relevant information gathered in the RI&E
  • How to signal (high) risk cases for leave of absence
  • How to communicate with sick, injured or reintegrating employees
  • How to guide the employee in returning to work
  • Communication techniques

Communicating with employees who are at risk of getting into a leave of absence situation can be difficult. However, this is an important part of being an effective and dedicated manager. If there is insufficient guidance, it is more difficult for the employee to return to work smoothly. We believe that with the right guidance and support from the manager and organisation, the leave of absence is shortened – thus reducing an item of considerable expense, improving productivity and benefitting the health and wellbeing of the employee.

We train your (HR) managers how to deal with employees that are at a (high) risk for leave of absence, that are on leave of absence or have just started reintegrating.

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