About Aeflex

Aeflex specialises in creating a healthy working environment. Besides the workplace itself, we look at the work posture, technique and daily physical work load. We have an interactive approach that is centred around personal contact. We not only seek fast results but also sustainable changes. Top achievements are only possible in a healthy working environment. Our training sessions are practical and tailor made to your requirements.

Our main focus points are sustainable employability and improving performance through a healthy work environment aimed at reducing sick leave.

We combine evidence based practises, up to date information and are result driven. But most importantly, we believe in people and helping them reach their full potential.

Amber Denekamp, ergonomic specialist
My passion is to help you work more comfortably, safely and healthier. My aim is to create a working environment that makes you bring the best out of yourself. I’ll teach you to work healthier so you can go home fitter.

Amber is an energetic, experienced Cesar therapist and ergonomic specialist. She gives advice and training in different industries such as office workplaces, production environment, dentistry and public transport.

You can expect personal communication and customized training for your organisation.

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