Workplace assessment

The Dutch Working Conditions Legislation requires that you take optimum care for a healthy and safe workplace for your employees. Aeflex is your partner in achieving this. A healthy workplace minimalizes sick leave, increases working pleasure, efficiency and sustainable employability.

We assess office workstations, production lines, building sites and healthcare environment.

We analyse the workplace based on the 5 W model (work tasks, workplace, work method, work time and work pressure) and if applicable the NIOSH lifting equation. (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health - a method to assess the risk of low-back disorders in jobs with repeated lifting. This is also used by the Labour Inspection.

After the assessment you receive a report with a SWOT analysis and tailor made advice for your employee personally as well as your organisation. We can provide advice on the using of equipment, training and/or relaxation exercises for muscles and advice in case of physical (work related) complaints.

We believe in an integrated approach. So next to the ergonomics of the workplace we also look at lifestyle factors, energy and mental power, work capacity and resilience.

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